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Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you know what the great thing is about bitching out somebody that doesn't deserve it?  Having to apologize.

Dear Mr Richard Jennings I am very, very, sorry for calling you a FB Douche Bag, For calling an asshole.  I am equally sorry for dragging your name through the mud. I am sincerely apologetic and remorseful for my actions.  And to prove this to you please everybody that reads this click on this link.

Richard Jennings contacted me and addressed my concerns personally.  The CEO FOLKS!  YEAH ! Thats right, the CEO OF OF FREAKING FORZA COFFEE called me and he wanted to apologize for the way I was treated. But the problem was it wasn't Richard Jennings that called me the previous day. I was angry at the branch manager that called me the previous day. And I wasn't happy with the way that this manager talked to me, nor was I happy with the way he addressed my grievance. Richard Jennings had nothing to do with this.

Let me tell you about the professional manner that Richard handled my grievance.  Richard made my problem his problem and he handled it.  I just wanted somebody to listen to my complaint as a paying customer.  That was it. Richard did that for me.

So the the link to my drawing and blog http://shanesartjournal.blogspot.com/ that is my way of making up for saying all those things about Richard Jennings, CEO of Forza Coffee.

I am really sorry Richard.

Shane Lees

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