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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forza Coffee

Hello Mr Richard Jennings

Is this the appropriate outlet to file a complaint Richard? Well I decided to take it a few steps beyond just this outlet.

And here http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1809732081195&set=a.1671970597244.2087455.1176767830&type=1&theater  but you can't see that becaause only fans of my art which is currently like 2000 people can see that. But I would never add a FUCKING DOUCHE BAG LIKE  YOU.

You fucking douche bag, you fucking dick. You were never even interested in offering customer service or anything like that were you?  You were only ineterested in giving me lessons in submission of complaint etiquette. 

You know I would expect in this age of technology that companies, managers, CEO's and business owners would all be extra concerned about CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Well that just isn't the case with Mr Richard Jennings, Owner of Forza Coffee in Washington State. I mean this guy is so incompetent in customer service that he when he called his wife was yammering in the background. Then he continued to give me lessons in proper etiquette while sub,mitting complaints.  I mean don't I dare leave a complaintv with a staff member. I should email him.  Like his staff was not handling a customer service issue.

Mr Richard Jennings, owner of Forza Coffee. You just pissed off the wrong customer. I am not only educated in technology, I also have talent. And I have an awesome outlet which I use to exploit my talent. I also have a huge fan base on Facebook and and my Blog. All of these people watch my art and read my art journals.  Now all of these people know exactly

WHAT KIND OF FUCKING DOUCHE BAG YOU ARE!  And I am just too happy to make you the object of my Art Journal entry Richard.  Congratulations to you. You can now find information about you while looking up these key words. Forza Coffee, Richard Jennings, Douche Bag

Warm regards.
Shane Lees 

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